Aside from good laughs, a dash of solid banter and the odd lame joke, we do this thing called Filming & Editing. We'd like to think of this as a worthy investment of the day, cause let's face it, you're only memory of the day lies in the Video & Photos.


What do you we include I hear you asking?


Scroll down a bit and you'll see what exactly you'll be getting with us.

 Tristan & Claire | Location Shoot

Tristan & Claire | Location Shoot


The basic one from $2,000.00

for the simple ones

Designed for the couple that want their day documented, we'll cover from the ceremony up til the first dance and show you the day in one of our fancy USB sticks in a doco style video.



for the fancy ones

Made for couples who like to watch their wedding day over and over. We'll cover the whole day up til the first dance or til the hour glass is up, we'll show you your day in a short video along with the doco style film that you can watch on your anniversary or something else special.



for the social media nut

In a nutshell, its everything and the kitchen sink. We'll show you the highlights & doco style but we'll also throw in a suite of social videos of your day that you can share with your hundreds or thousands of followers.





Now onto our extras, we do this thing called Same Day Edit. You may know it as "holy crap how did they film, edit and show the whole day ON THE DAY" You don't see much of our editor on the day but you will see what they've been up to at the reception.



extra hours filming

We understand that you may want that bit extra filmed or the festivities of the dance floor at the reception. Either on the night or before, let us know you want a bit more filmed and we'll be happy to.



pre wedding film

For those who want to show the crowd what your life is like prior to the wedding day in a short 5 minute video, this one's for you. Keep it as a memento or showcase it at the reception, our this little video will highlight what your journey has been like.