Daniel & Marcella Wedding Day | Same Day Edit

Through a mutual friend, we were tasked to film Daniel & Marcella' wedding without actually telling them until the morning of the actual wedding. The laughs & tears that followed when both Daniel & Marcella found out we were filming was a nice reminder why film plays such an integral part in holding those moments and not just keeping the as memories only. 

Once the preperations were in full swing, the letter readings for both really hit home and the realness of what's about to happen sunk in for both Daniel & Marcella. Having started out being friends for a while, their relationship blossomed and felt as though why hadn't they done it earlier. 

Having their ceremony officiated by their pastor made it even more special. The sight of Daniel seeing Marcella for the first time in her white dress made it oh so special and clearly showed how much she meant to him.

We ended the night at North Ryde RSL where it was a night filled with loads of laughter (mainly due to Daniels dad speech) and a warm & intimate atmosphere. To top the night off, we sat Daniel & Marcella down in the middle of the dance floor for their final suprise of the night. They didn't know that they were getting their wedding day filmed, they also didn't know they would be watching their wedding film on the same night.

To Daniel & Marcella, it was an honour to film your wedding day. We wish you the best future together and may your love grow each day.


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