Danny & Jue Wedding Day | Same Day Edit

We've grown quite close with Danny & Jue before the wedding and after the day. They're just those sort of people you're drawn to and want to be a part of.

Danny & Jue came to us on the back of a Same Day Edit film they watched of ours and simply knew what they wanted. It makes our job a little easier when that happens.

Anyways, the day itself was eventful to say the least. Starting with the girls in the morning who weren't shy about anything or being infront of the camera. Jue & Danny surprised their bridal party with a gift packed in a custom wooden box for each one which was a super nice touch. Not to be out done, Jue got a rock for Danny....YES A ROCK!! (this is where you have to watch the video to see why a rock :)

On our way to the beautiful Auburn Botanical Gardens where they exchanged their personal vows and stuck around for some pictorials afterwards.

We ended the night on a high, showing the Same Day Edit film right after the first dance to a humbling standing-O from the crowd.

Thank you Jue & Danny for the trust you had in us. You're both amazing and we wish you both nothing but all the happiness in the world.



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