Roland & Melanie Wedding Day

So when you get asked to be the MC at your friends wedding and start noticing a trend that you're being paired up with "single" male MC's each time, it doesn't take too long to realise what your family & friends are trying to hint to you. It was the case for Melanie.

Roland & Mel's story began when they were asked to be co-MC's at a friends wedding. Those meetings & catch ups shortly turned into dates and the rest as they say is history.

Melanie is the sort of person who will do anything to make her friends & families life easier. Even for us, she would do what she could do to make our lives easier on the day, from organising car parks to liasing for us a route from the location shoot to reception to be beat the Mardi Gra parade. It's evident with the way they are around each other how much they value friends & family but above all, each other.

Roland & Melanie, thank you for having us there on your wedding day and wish you an abundance of joy, laughter & blessings on your marriage.